Hopp til hovedmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden

Summer festival

The biggest activity in TTU is the summercamp, which is held each year at the end of June. TTU and Grandmaster Cho invite some of the best masters not only in Taekwondo, but often also from other Korean styles to the camp. We have over the years had masters from among other Sonmudo, Kongdang, Hapkido, Kunmudo, and more.

Based on this, most of the way for a camp with both varied and interesting  classes for all ability levels. The summer camp often collect a large number of practitioners. All inn all with masters, instructors, practitioners and companions the summer camp collect 3-400 persons from different contry. Kora, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Island, and France is contry who usally is  represented on the camp.
The summer camp has recently been organized in cooperation with Vestoppland Folkehøgskole on Brandbu. And there are opportunities for both tents/camping, classroom and in the school.