Hopp til hovedmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the Traditional Taekwondo Union's Summer Festival 2019, which is held in Setesdalen at Evje.

The event is held in the Otrahallen at Hornnes Videregående Skole.

A lot of activities for everyone

The Summer Festival is open to all Taekwondo practitioners, and we especially encourage families to come this year. In addition to being able to train as much as before, this year there will be several new ways to experience the summer camp. Included in the camp is the entrance to the "Mineral Park", which is a family park right by the school. This is the second largest attraction in Southern Norway. Here there will be an activity day, including climbing forest, lazer-tag and barbeque.


It is also this year set up for trainings with instructors from South Korea, Denmark and Norway. They will have taekwondo trainings and various thematic trainings with, among other things, Ki-gong, pattern (poomsae), fighting and self-defense. There will also be graduation, show, Korean barbecue and many nice and social evenings.


The new theme in 2019 is that we are offered to learn K-POP. This music phenomenon from Korea is very popular all over the world, also in Norway.

Acupuncture and massage

It is possible to enjoy massage and acupuncture from Sine Jæger at the festival. Sine is a trained acupuncturist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui Na Massage and as a Sports Massage. For the past eleven years she has worked with acupuncture in Copenhagen. You are welcome to contact Sine at the camp or contact us on +45 4113 3074 if you want to hear more about what she can offer.

If you just want to enjoy a relaxing massage, it is also possible.

Instructor course


The Martial Arts Association will hold a Trainer 1 course - part-1 during the summer festival. This course is part of the Martial Arts Federation's coaching ladder, and mandatory for those who want to become coaches. The course starts already on Tuesday after lunch, and it is offered for TTU members at highly discounted prices. Read more about the course at https://kampsport.no/kompetanse/trenerutvikling/trenerlisens/ There is limited space on the course, so be sure to enroll early!

Practical information for the clubs

Here is a document with practical information. This will also be available at the camp area